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Subaru Impreza 🚘

2016 Subaru Impreza* 🚙
✅Snow Foam Soak + Scratch Free 2 Bucket Professional Wash with Force Air Dry
✅ Deep Clean Wheels with CarPro IronX Fallout Remover
✅ Clay Bar bonded contaminants removal
✅ 1-Step Polish with 2-Step on Deeper scratches
✅ CarPro HydrOLite 2 applied to all exterior paint and glass (water sheets off instantly, amazing glass conditioner which I rate above RainX)
✅ Carnuba Wax applied on top of HydrOLite 2 for added gloss and Hydrophobic properties
✅Tyres Dressed
✅Extensive Vacuuming
✅Shampoo all Seats/Mats/Carpet/Headliner
✅Steam all Seats/Mats/Carpet/Headliner (All odours removed, life brought back to seats and especially the sheepskin seat cover) ✅Protectant applied to Dash
✅Glass cleaned
✅Lemon/Lime light mist
Call or Email now for a quote and for added protection enquire on a high grade Ceramic Wax for years of protection 🧼🧼