Paint Correction

What is Paint Correction??
Paint Correction is the process of removing paint defect. These are in the form of scratches, swirls, scuffs, water/acid ethching, oxidisation and chalky paint using a machine polisher. Also known as “buffing” car paint correction essentially smooth’s out the clearcoat on the paint to create an even, reflective, smooth layer that is also a necessary step before ceramic coating. Because this process is all about smoothing out clearcoat with surrounding clearcoat, any defect that is too “deep” through the clearcoat cannot be fixed with machine polishing as there is no more clearcoat to level out and must be re-painted. Refer to the below image to see examples of what can and cannot be fixed with machine polishing.

There is experience and skill involved with paint correction/car polishing as the detailer must make a decision on the right compound, pad, machine size and machine rotation speed as well as how much time and pressure must be used on an area of paint, so if you’re looking for someone near you in Brisbane or Gold Coast region to make your paint great again, look no further!