Paint Correction

What is Paint Correction?

Paint Correction is the process of removing paint defect. These are in the form of scratches, swirls, scuffs, water/acid ethching, oxidisation and chalky paint using a machine polisher. Also known as “buffing” car paint correction essentially smooths out the clearcoat on the paint to create an even, reflective, smooth layer that is also a necessary step before ceramic coating. Because this process is all about smoothing out clearcoat with surrounding clearcoat, any defect that is too “deep” through the clearcoat cannot be fixed with machine polishing as there is no more clearcoat to level out and must be re-painted. Refer to the below image to see examples of what can and cannot be fixed with machine polishing.


There is ALOT of experience and skill involved with paint correction/car polishing as the detailer must make a decision on the Suitable:
-Polishing Compound (Of Which there are Thousands)
-Pad (Of Which there are Thousands)
-Machine Type (DA, Rotary, Forced Rotation, 1 inch Backing Plate, 3 inch, 5 inch or 6 inch…)
-Machine Rotation Speed as Well as Pressure, Time Polishing, Arm Speed
-The Individual Clearcoat Type and Hardness of the Vehicle being Polished as well as Evidence of Prior Polishing AND Clearcoat thickness
-The List Goes on… This is why there is such a large Variance in Price between Detailers as The Lengths you can go on a Car Detail can be an hour to multiple Weeks!

STILL Unsure you want to Proceed with Paint Correction? Call us for a FREE Inspection + FREE Paint Polishing Demo where MED Will Polish a Small Section of Your Vehicle’s Paint to give you a Live Demonstration to Present to you the exact improvements that you can expect to Gain as well as a Personal Inspection/Walk Around of the Vehicle to Point Out Things that may be worth Considering! This Means you can get a Complete Idea of the Improvement Before Committing to Buying!

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From windshields to mirrors and headlights, our experienced team can reverse all damages to your vehicle and restore it to its earliest condition. It is unwise to ignore even the smallest chips or cracks, as you never know when the issue escalates. For vehicles, minor repairs cost way less than major replacements. So drive down here and leave the rest to our expert mechanics.

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From rock chip repair to car scratch repair in Brisbane, we can handle all sorts of minor injuries to your vehicle and make it as good as new. On top of that, we offer exceptional car coating services, Fireball glass ceramic coating being our best bet. It is up to you to choose what detailing service you need. We will comply after giving you an idea of what will be the best for your vehicle.

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REAL MED Paint Correction Examples! Visit @MirrorEffectDetail on Instagram for More

Paint Correction 1 Heavy Swirl Removal Prior to Ceramic Coating with Fireball Ceramic Paint Protection

Paint Correction 2 Heavy Swirl Removal Prior to Ceramic Coating with Fireball Ceramic Paint Protection

Paint Correction 3 Heavy Swirl Removal Prior to Ceramic Coating with Fireball Ceramic Paint Protection