New Car Paint Protection


If you are buying a new Car or have an existing Car that you would like restored and Ceramic Coated the main benefits of getting the Vehicle protected would be:

  • Unlike Carnuaba Wax, Polymer or SIO2/Ceramic Based Sealants which can be found at Auto Stores which last weeks to months, a professional Grade Ceramic Coating is the most durable and long lasting glass-like Chemical-based paint protection that with the proper care will last many years as it hardens to a glass layer which is incredibly durable. This means you don’t spend 40-60 minutes every month meticulously applying a spray sealant which is also less likely to hold up to chemical or physical stresses.
  • Washing the car becomes fun again and a lot easier as the Ceramic Coating is less sponge-like than Clearcoat when viewed under a microscope so dead bugs, dirt, pollen and any other stubborn environmental contaminants adhere less stubbornly to the car and Wash off far easier
  • Drying The Car (especially with our 70x90cm 1200 GSM Drying Towel We Sell) becomes less of a chore as the long lasting Hydrophobic properties combined with a quality drying towel reduce drying the car to a few minutes
  • The UV inhibitors will prevent the Harsh Brisbane Sun from oxidising or fading the ever thinner paint being applied to new Vehicles and even if the Ceramic Coat was to only prevent just one panel from needing a re-spray it has already paid for itself as Body shops are not cheap and rarely solve one issue without creating another
  • You will have the best looking car in the Coles/Woolies car park 😆😎

-First and Foremost a Ceramic Coating / Paint Protection is NOT worth it if applied by a Dealership or a non-reputable Business that doesn’t test their coatings and just reads the brochure, Dealerships install standards are so bad to call them a scam isn’t strong enough words

-Someone that is not interested in the care and maintenance of their Car

-Someone that uses Drive-thru Tunnel Car Washes with Abrasive Automatic Brush Rollers found at petrol stations

-Someone that leaves their car underneath trees regularly or is not interested in correct wash methodology of their Car or let’s tap water dry on their car as they don’t want to dry it properly

  • In the Above Test Video you can see how much abuse Fireball Butterfly can take and still water bead, this is only one of many tests MED have performed, we have also tested GTECHNIQ, CarPro, MotorOne/Hydro/Fusion Quartz, AutoSmart and many other Coatings and they cannot hold up to the Chemical stresses that Fireball can, Follow on Instagram/Facebook to stay tuned with any Future testing videos we do
  • Fireball is made in Korea which is the mecca of all Car Protection Chemicals and other heavyweights in the industry such as Gyeon, CarPro, Pompanazzi and TAC System, the Koreans can not be beat in Car Protection specialisation and Fireball Mixes all of their chemicals in-house without using middle men to formulate or mix their coatings
  • MED is a small Brisbane based Owner/Operated business where you will talk to Keith who does everything that’s part of the Paint Protection process and you won’t have to worry about getting the apprentice who’s first day on the job is your car
  • At MED we photograph every step of the job to prove we’ve done the works we’ve quoted for, we are extremely transparent and honest and have some very good Google Reviews that reflect that passion and care we put into every single Vehicle

If you care about your Vehicle and Take Pride in Keeping it Presentable Then Investing in Fireball Ceramic Coating Paint Protection for your New or Used Car is MANDATORY for protecting your vehicle from what Brisbane can throw at it!


Fireball Next Generation Red+ Coatings have up to 92.5% SiO2 Glass Ceramic content! This makes them the *most* pure coatings on the market. The coatings set via Chemical Reaction which hard-shells and produces a World Leading gloss and Mirror Effect Finish. Fireball coatings also have Dual bonded Si-02 molecules to increase durability. These points ensure Fireball Ceramic new car paint protection products position as the No.1 coatings on the market and STILL continue to innovate while the competition lags behind with old Ceramic Technology.

Fireball Professional Paint Protection Coatings can only be accessed by Trained and Certified Fireball Coating Installers, ensuring quality installation.


This Pricing is a Fireball fixed minimum charge for application of Coatings, actual price will include extra Fee for Machine Polishing and any other Prep requirements for the Car. All vehicles must go through a minimum of a one stage paint correction (Machine Polishing) which is an additional charge based on a vehicle by vehicle basis. Exterior will be washed and decontaminated as part of the installation price. Dok Do Next Generation Coating is a Dual Layer Coating, Vehicle is Ceramic Coated twice.


Fireball Typhoon is simply the slickest pro grade coating that exists from my experience, it’s formulated specifically for windscreens due to the interaction of the rubber Windscreen Wiper Blade causing a “chattering” effect if a coating is installed that isn’t extremely slick and also as just a luxurious top coat for the Vehicle’s paint for extreme slickness and a slight boost to all properties such as gloss, hyhdrophobics, etc. however it is not as durable as Aegis or above as a trade off

Talon is Fireball’s high temperature Ceramic Coating developed for Wheels, Brake Calipers and Exhaust Tips. Talon can also be used to protect engine parts against water-spotting/oxidisation on polished metal  parts. Talon is also excellent on vehicle unpainted External Plastics. Talon usage varies greatly on the complexity of parts to be coated and should be quoted individually. Ask your Fireball Authorised Coater about Talon on you vehicle’s plastics, wheels, Calipers etc.

Wheel (Rims) Face add $125-$200 Depending on Wheel Complexity
Wheel (Rims) Face + Barrels – contact us

Grade-A Motorbike Ceramic Coat in Brisbane
Now you can ditch the Polymer or SIO2-based sealants and upgrade to high-grade ceramic coating offered by Mirror Effect Detail (MED). Whereas other sealants do not last more than a few months (sometimes even days), grade-A ceramic coating that we offer can last you YEARS. Yes! If you are looking for a car or motorbike ceramic coat in Brisbane, look no further than Mirror Effect Detail – your go-to provider of ultimate vehicle protection.
Why You Need Our Ceramic Coating
  • Durability- It is the most durable paint protection available in the market, lasting many years with proper care. No other available sealant will protect your vehicle this long.
  • Less-adhesive – Being glass-like, our coating ensures easy cleaning for bugs and other contaminants besides the regular dirt and debris.
  • Easy-drying – The hydrophobic properties of the sealant and our drying towel ensure easy drying post-cleaning.
  • No re-spraying – Our ceramic coating will reduce the number of re-sprays your vehicle needs and also offer protection against the ruthless Brisbane sun.
  • Stand out! – Your vehicle will have an exceptional appearance, making it stand out in the crowd.
What Makes Us the Best Provider of Motorbike Ceramic Coats in Brisbane?
  • We test our coatings before applying
  • We are a small business, thus ensuring service satisfaction at all levels
  • Our transparency accounts for our trustworthiness
  • We have proof of all our work to build trust
  • We treat every vehicle as “special” while coating it

You can get a FREE Obligation quote to access our service quality. If you are convinced already, call us at 0405 080 816 to discuss your vehicle requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions
For New Vehicles often we will take delivery in our Cannon Hill studio here in Brisbane during the morning and have the Vehicle back to you by the next day afternoon, however for Vehicles that requires extensive work, multi-stage paint correction, or for a lot of extras/niche requests, more time will be required and communicated to you, this varies on a case-by-case basis
MED sends a Debrief email after every job with DSLR photography and information you need to take care of the Vehicle going forward. This is extremely important to read in-depth and to call MED if you need clarification on anything. MED also provides recommended products that are good value for money and effective for use on the car.
MED recommends you allow 2 weeks for the Ceramic Coat to fully cure. What this means is, the car will be OKAY to drive straight away. It is also OKAY if SOME rain is allowed to contact the paint however if it is flood season I would not be driving it in torrential rain until at least 2-3 days have gone by since coating. The Car must not be washed for 2 weeks after being Ceramic Coated. This means you should avoid trees (in general this is always a good idea anyways) where bird poo and tree sap/seeds are likely to bombard the car, in an emergency if a bird poos on the car before the 2 weeks is up, fill a spray bottle with filtered/demineralised water (NOT TAP WATER) and saturate the bird poo and then BLOT (not rub) with a folded CLEAN microfiber towel.

At MED, we are not bound to use any particular product, we sought out many different Ceramic Coating Companies and researched vigoriously whilst also performing our own Stress Tests -> one of them is available here (

Our Research and Stress Testing along with many Happy Customers and years of great results is why we are extremely happy with the Fireball line of Professional-Grade Certified Ceramic Coatings.

Fireball have the most pure Ceramic Coatings on the market, reaching levels of up to 92.5% Purity which FAR exceed anything else on the market proven with their MSDS documents as well as having some of the most advanced laboratories/mixing facilities in Busan South Korea where Fireball makes everything in-house as opposed to the vast majority of the Industry importing their raw materials or finished product and then putting a sticker on a bottle and claiming it as a “revolutionary” product.

Due to the amount of prep-work Mirror Effect Detail performs on the vehicle, our attention to detail, our portfolio of results and large amount of positive reviews, combined with also using World Class expensive Chemicals and going the extra mile with customer support, digital before/after media, debrief emails and anything else we can think of to give the customers the best possible outcome and experience we cannot price match to businesses or dealerships delivery substandard outcomes with far less effort into their service.