Ceramic Coating


Ceramic Coatings have become massive in the last few years with so many different companies vying for attention and claiming their product is the best.

The truth is when you read the MSDS sheets of Fireball competitors whether it’s GTECHNIQ, CarPro, GYEON or whoever else claims to be “The Best” their Silicon Dioxide contents don’t even come close to the purity of Fireball Ceramic Coatings and that’s just an objective fact by looking at their official documents! So don’t be fooled by their flashy marketing campaigns and false promises! Their MSDS sheets are proof that their “world class” formulas are nothing more than 45-90% petroleum solvents in a bottle mixed with outdated Si-O2 technology.

Fireball ENTRY level has better technology and greater Silicon Dioxide content than the FLAGSHIP coats of other popular brands that sell mostly petroleum in a bottle for 2, 3, sometimes 4 thousands dollars!! Fireball’s *Entry* Level is objectively better and starts out at $400!!

Competitors come out with these massive warranties which mean absolutely nothing as none of their terms cover Hydrophobic Losses which is arguably one of the most important aspects of a Ceramic Coat and they are layered with special terms and conditions. I *encourage* you to do your own research, ring other people up and discuss what their warranty terms are and ask them for their MSDS sheets. Then when you see the truth you can call Mirror Effect Detail and we’ll put the ACTUAL best Ceramic Coat on your beloved Vehicle.

  • Ceramic coating is currently the strongest and most durable chemical option to protect paint without putting a physical film on to the paint work.
  • It gives years of protection and resistance against environmental matter (bird poo/tree sap), chemicals, the harsh Brisbane UV radiation and some minor scratch resistance (not going to stop vandels keying your car, but will offer resistance against minor rubs and scrapes)
  • Adds gloss/shine and amazing hydrophobic properties causing water to bead up and sheet off and making grime, bird poo and tree sap simply rinse off and not need to be rubbed off. This also makes the washing and drying of the car sooo much easier as debris and water just doesn’t stick to ceramic coat as much as it does the clearcoat
  • Due to the healthier condition your paint will be in and the enhanced visual appeal; you will not only be turning heads in Brisbane, the re-sell value many years down the track will undoubtfully be significantly higher as the car is just in a far better state with paint protection than without and this gives you a high level of bargaining power as your vehicle will stand out more than any other vehicle for the same year/model/KMs with the investment made to protect and care for it!
  • The investment, ESPECIALLY for new vehicles is extremely worth it to protect your vehicle for what Brisbane can throw at it from the very beginning!
Fireball Next Generation Red+ Coatings have up to 92.5% SiO2 Glass Ceramic content! This makes them the *most* pure coatings on the market. The coatings set via Chemical Reaction which hard-shells and produces a World Leading gloss and mirror effect finish. Fireball coatings also have Dual bonded Si-02 molecules to increase durability. These points ensure Fireball Ceramic products position as the No.1 coatings on the market and STILL continue to innovate while the “competition” lags behind with old ceramic technology.
Fireball Professional Coatings can only be accessed by Trained and Certified Fireball Coating Installers, ensuring quality installation.

Pricing is fixed as a minimum charge – All vehicles must go through a minimum of a one stage paint correction which is an additional charge based on a vehicle by vehicle basis. Exterior will be washed and decontaminated as part of the installation price.(Dok Do Next Generation Coating is a Dual Layer Coating)

Fireball Typhoon causes water to rapidly fall off the glass, think RainX but 10000x better. 😉

Entire vehicle glass, side windows, rear window and side mirrors to be coated in Typhoon for $80

Talon is Fireball’s high temperature coating developed for wheels, brake calipers and exhaust tips. Talon can also be used to protect engine parts against porosity and water-spotting on polished parts. Talon is also excellent on vehicle unpainted external plastics. Talon usage varies greatly on the complexity of parts to be coated and should be quoted individually. Ask your Fireball Authorised Coater about Talon on you vehicle’s plastics, wheels, Calipers etc.

It is highly recommended to coat headlights and tailights as these tend to “yellow” up after a few years of UV exposure and for convenient wheel cleaning it is recommended to coat at least the Face of the Rims in Fireball Talon.

Headlights/Taillights add $20
Wheel (Rims) Face add $60
Wheel (Rims) Face + Barrels – contact us