🙀 Neglected Wheel Treatment 🙀

Brake dust and road grime never stood a chance 💅🏻🧼 Iron Removers turn a deep purple hue when in the chemical comes in contact with loose iron particles or brake dust… safe to say there was DEFINITELY brake dust on this neglected wheel! 😉 #Ceramic Coating #Wheel Cleaning #Iron Remover #Auto Finesse #Fireball #FireballAU

Ferrari F430 🐎

✅Stage Two paint correction; -this European clearcoat was extremely resistant to cutting and even fine scratches needed aggressive methods!- ✅ CarPro CQuartz UK Edition 3.0 Ceramic Coating applied (2-3 years durability for daily drivers, more if maintained) ✅ CarPro HydrO2 Applied to External Glass for water sheeting properties ✅Engine Bay Deep Cleaned ✅Extreme Mirror Effect … Continue reading Ferrari F430 🐎

❄️ 2019 Bi-Turbo Ford Ranger WildTrak ❄️

MED new work vehicle, featuring the “New Car Package” 🤩 Making white paint reflective again! Package Includes: ✅ Discounted Ceramic Coating with minor paint correction; CarPro Cquartz 3.0 ✅ CarPro DLUX Wheel Ceramic Coat and deep clean (Wheel Face + Inner Barrel) ✅ Interior Leather Conditioned to prevent cracking/ageing (smells amazing also) ✅ External Glass … Continue reading ❄️ 2019 Bi-Turbo Ford Ranger WildTrak ❄️