Ferrari F430 🐎

βœ…Stage Two paint correction; -this European clearcoat was extremely resistant to cutting and even fine scratches needed aggressive methods!- βœ… CarPro CQuartz UK Edition 3.0 Ceramic Coating applied (2-3 years durability for daily drivers, more if maintained) βœ… CarPro HydrO2 Applied to External Glass for water sheeting properties βœ…Engine Bay Deep Cleaned βœ…Extreme Mirror Effect … Continue reading Ferrari F430 🐎

❄️ 2019 Bi-Turbo Ford Ranger WildTrak ❄️

MED new work vehicle, featuring the β€œNew Car Package” 🀩 Making white paint reflective again! Package Includes: βœ… Discounted Ceramic Coating with minor paint correction; CarPro Cquartz 3.0 βœ… CarPro DLUX Wheel Ceramic Coat and deep clean (Wheel Face + Inner Barrel) βœ… Interior Leather Conditioned to prevent cracking/ageing (smells amazing also) βœ… External Glass … Continue reading ❄️ 2019 Bi-Turbo Ford Ranger WildTrak ❄️

πŸ”± 2014 Mitsubishi Triton πŸ”±

Simple exterior and interior treatment without paint correction or ceramics βœ… Extensive Tar Removal using CarPro TarX βœ… Spot polished heavily caked on grime from years of neglect βœ… Heavy decontamination via Clay Bar βœ… External Glass treated with ceramic water repellent βœ… P&S Beadmaker applied for added gloss, protection and water repelling βœ… Interior … Continue reading πŸ”± 2014 Mitsubishi Triton πŸ”±