Featured Wildtrak

❄️ 2019 Bi-Turbo Ford Ranger WildTrak ❄️

MED new work vehicle, featuring the “New Car Package” 🤩

Making white paint reflective again!

Package Includes:

✅ Discounted Ceramic Coating with minor paint correction; CarPro Cquartz 3.0
✅ CarPro DLUX Wheel Ceramic Coat and deep clean (Wheel Face + Inner Barrel)
✅ Interior Leather Conditioned to prevent cracking/ageing (smells amazing also)
✅ External Glass treated with ceramic water repellent CarPro HydrO2
✅ Headlights + Taillights Ceramic Coated to prevent Yellowing and Minor rock chips
✅ Rubber/Vinyl/Plastics conditioned for a deeper black finish and UV protection

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